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(p9) Any player may use Luck on their team’s initiative dieroll for Player vs. Player.

(p11) Special Ability Limits are now called Pools.

(P12) The Death Striker ability immediately puts a character in a state of 'dying' (-6 hit points).
Note: Without a Sick Bay module, dying = dead.

(p12) You may Energy Deflect an EMP gun.

(p15) Shocktroopers may use this ability only to go on overwatch to attack with a personal weapon.

(p19) When assisting remotely, only apply the remote module's upgrade bonus (where the primary action is occuring), not your local upgrade bonus (where you're assisting).

(p19) Assistance lasts the whole phase, so you can Assist someone else's action and then leave a battlestation for that person to take their assisted action later in the phase.

(p20) Carry the Fallen can also be used to drag objects beyond your Carry limit, but those objects cannot be used unless readied (penalties on movement and skill checks are cumulative).

(p25) MedKits require a Science skill check vs. 11 to heal 1d6 of damage. Add +3 to the difficulty for each additional 1d6 of damage to heal.

(p25) Suscepto should be “-,” not 1200 credits.

(p28) These knives aren’t energized.

(p29) Satchel Charges come with remote detonators (Mass 1).

(p30) Upgraded personal shield has a Mass of 8.

(p30) WristComps have a Mass of 1 and cost 1000 credits.

(p30) You do not have to have a free hand or 'draw' a jet-pack. They are always equiped and ready.

(p30) Anyone targeting a jet-packer in flight is at a penalty of -3 to hit them.

(p31) You may have one of each chip type, including one of each skill chip. Skeletal Enhancements don’t give +1 damage, they only make a higher result possible.

(p32) Upgrades and requistions are permanent, until destroyed or slagged.

(p35) Cannon Reconfiguration must be done at the Cannon's battlestation.

(p35) You may use Luck on internal personal damage against yourself.

(p37) On the example tentac ship, the Engine at column 7, row 6 should be a Life Support module. You cannot place an Engine on an interior module.

(p37) All 4, 5, and 6 results on ship's damage dice that penetrate shields deal 1 point of OOC, even if they are reduced to 1's for missing the silhouette.

(p37) All Cannon damage attacks reduce the target ship's shields by 1.

(p38) Internal damage dice you sustain is Luckable.

(p39) The Hull Rating chart for a Size 9 ship should read 216.

(p40) Spacewalkers suffer unsupported Life Support damage at the end of every phase, not Round.

(p44) Xero erroneously added its Piloting skill to the dieroll and the difficulty; the degree of failure is actually 7, so the ship suffers a staggering 6 OOC (the maximum) and 1 hull damage for the overage.

(p45) Dodging a missile is a Helm action, so it requires one power and generates OOC as usual.

(p45) Ramming no longer deals an automatic 1d6 of OOC, but suffers OOC as normal due to all 4's 5's and 6's on damage dice dealing a point of OOC each.

(p47) Damaged Hyperdrives lose one programming marker. Slagged lose all.

(p48) During the mission, Life Support may handle any number of crew and boarders. Before and after the mission (warp) is when you run into overstressed life support problems.

(p49) As with other modules, attempting to launch a missile puts a used marker on the module, regardless of the outcome.

(p49) Place missiles in the hex of the launching ship.

(p52) You may only gain as many Targeting Locks as your ship's Size. Apply this limit as a general rule for most open ended ship actions (for example, you can only have your ship's Size in programming markers).

(p52) You cannot ECM a missile into another ship.

(p55) Tractoring costs 1 Guns power. A Tractor cannot hold a starship (unless it is Tractor Docking), it can only move it one space closer. As always, this cannot be done within 2 hexes of a celestial body.

(p55) Tractored Missles are considered Speed 0 by the tractoring ship, and the speed of the tractoring ship for all other ships for targeting purposes. As always, the difficulty to shoot them is Distance + Speed.

(p56) Human +1 Action should instead read,
"Human ships are considered 1 Size smaller for all Helm Maneuvers"

(p58) Bots count as 1 Rank each for purposes of determining Mission Difficulty (the MD).

(p59) The enemy ship is crewed with as many aliens of the ship's registry as their Life Support can handle (4 bad guys per Life Support).

(p59) Enemies don't use bots (unless the referee elects to do so).

(p65) Overwhelming Success Reward 'Private Tutelage' should read:
"2d6 x 10 Experience points"

(p93) The center top module of the freighter is a Hyperdrive instead of a Life Support module.

(p98) The xeloxian Size 8 and 9 ships have illegally placed Science Bays. Switch the location of the Size 8 Science Bay with its teleporter and switch the location of the Size 9 ship's Science bay with the aftmost Life Support.

(p99) In the 1.0 version of the core book, the Size 7 zoallan ship’s Tractor Bay at column 8, row 8, should be rotated 90° clockwise.

(p103) Beguiler, Stunner and Telekinetic also require line of sight (unless you’re a Seer). Mentally Shielded reduces personal energy weapon damage, not internal hits or melée damage.

(p103) Telekinetic can be used to wrest objects from enemies; make a Psionics skill check against 11 + the target’s Athletics skill. The degree of success equals how many spaces the object moves. If it ends up in your square, you can grab the object as a free action.

(p103) Teleporter is all new:
Make a Psionics skill check against a difficulty of 8 to teleport to a random space in your module (1d6 to see which space). Add +1 to the difficulty for each module away you would like to teleport to. Failure in any teleport check deals 1d6 of damage to you that cannot be reduced (but is Luckable) and stuns you. Pool: Piloting skill.

Galactic Civil War

(GCW) Any action taken within a damaged fighter is at a penalty equal to the damage level of the fighter.

Pax Galacticum

(PAX p7) The Bot upgrade 'Motivator' that grants bots Luck (at a cost of 2 Luck for every point of Luck granted) is for immediate use only.

(PAX p32) Verdant toadstools pg 75 should reference page 31

Deep Ones in Deep Space

(DOiDS p8) The price of the Ghoster and the Digital Actualizer is 1500 credits, req#13, which includes the 50% markup and -1 penalty for Riftware.

(DOiDS p47) There are MD orbs under the rubble, and the locations are random. Roll one die to determine which column, one die to determine which row, and finally one die to determine which gray numbered space, each orb is in.

(DOiDS p60) The tentacles grabbing victims are considered small objects, and thus have a Target# of 11. Squares that are filled with the writhing mass of tentacles are almost impossible to miss and have a Target# of 3. It takes 3 points to sever a limb grabbing a victim, but MD points of damage to clear a tentacon square.

How Much for Your Planet

(HMFYP p104) Otyssian ships add +2 per advanced maneuver difficulty, not +1.

Play Aids:

The difficulty to acquire a Targeting Lock should be the distance, not 8.

The Hull Rating chart for a Size 9 ship should read 216.

The difficulty to remove a broken marker should be and Engineering check vs. 11, not 8.

ECM became a lot easier. The difficulty = the distance, as it says correctly in the book.