Battlestations is the game where you get to crew a starship.



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One player is the referee controlling all of the enemy ships, space anomalies, monsters etc.
The other players each play a character aboard the ship facing the challenges of the missions.
Battlestations is mission based with continuing characters ranking up and gaining special abilities and skill levels.

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The ships move around on the hex map based on their speed and facing and the characters move around on the tiled ship layouts.
The ships are literally driven by the heroes actions. All the skill checks in the game are based on 2d6 plus the relevant skill (Combat, Engineering, Piloting, and Science).
If you want the ship to turn, speed up or slow down, you go to the Helm, spend helm power and make a piloting skill check based on the ship's speed and size.
If you want to shoot the enemy ship, get to the Cannon and make a Combat skill check where the difficulty is the distance to the target plus their speed.
Running low on power for all of this?
Try going to an Engine module and pumping out some more with an Engineering check based on the amount of extra power you want to go for.
Maybe you want to teleport over to the enemy ship by making a Science skill check in the Teleporter with a difficulty equal to the distance plus the shields power of your ship and the target ship.
  Build your own starship here:
Battlestations is supported by 6 supplements with more coming out all of the time.
Galactic Civil War
gcw cover

96 page Campaign book of War in the Galaxy for Battlestations with new modules: Mine Layer and Fighter Bay

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Pax Galacticum
96 page Campaign book of Peace in the Galaxy for Battlestations with new modules: Sick Bay and Damage Control

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Pirates of Trundlia
pirates cover
96 page Campaign book of Piracy, Treasure and Diplomacy for Battlestations with new modules: Fusion Cannon and Gravity Lance
$24.95 buy now
Planet of Dr. Moreau
48 page Campaign book playable as beastmen or Universal Republic Expeditionary Forcess hunting for the lair of the beastmen for Battlestations.
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Bot Wars
48 page Campaign book for playing in the Bot Revolt for Battlestations with rules for playing bots as player characters.
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By Her Majesty's Sacred Egg Sac
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48 page Campaign book for playing in the Zoallan navy fighting for honor and glory and the right to become a consort to Her Majesty the Queen.

Coming Soon:
How Much for Your Planet?
A Free Trader's Gazette of the Galaxy.